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We Asked 20 Women: How Do You Feel About Men With Shaved Legs?

By Erica Tempesta For Dailymail. On Sunday night’s episode of the reality series, Ed, 54, happily revealed that he and Rosemarie, 23, ‘made love,’ and while he insisted it was ‘awesome,’ they were both admittedly turned off by each other’s body hair. I think she enjoyed it, but she doesn’t like my beard,’ he explained in his testimonial — and he had some complaints of his own.

Say what?

In case you didn’t know how shaving armpit and leg hair for women became a so in order to please him I shaved everything so we could “have a nice date”.

About a year and a half ago, I ended a five-year relationship with a man who, despite calling himself a feminist, subtly and then overtly shamed me about my weight and body hair. After years of him asking me to wax my ladyparts, I finally did it as a special one-time thing in an attempt to save our failing relationship.

Then he decided I had to wax, all the time. One day I posted an article about how more young women i. I quit shaving everything that day, and quit putting up with his bullshit for good a few weeks later. It has been empowering to reject the body hair status quo by rocking my luxurious pit hair in tank tops every chance I get. And in the context of my breakup, I felt like I was reclaiming my body and celebrating it in all its glory. Since then, I’ve dated several men, and a woman or two, and I have to say, the longer I go with my hairy armpits, the more I think it was the best decision I ever made for my personal life.

Particularly the ones whose ideas about women are too stuck in the Stone Age to enjoy a woman’s body if it doesn’t conform to their ideals.

On the subject of love, legs, and femininity.

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Some of them have occasionally shaved their legs for the beach-season or for wearing a fancy dress to a fancy party or something like that; but nothing beyond​.

Thousands of women, we’re told, are signing up for the Hairy Legs Club — an online movement that encourages like-minded ladies to ditch the razor and flaunt their naturally hirsute limbs. But what are men supposed to think about it? A woman with more fuzz on her ankles than a Tour de France cyclist or Premier League footballer can be a strange, conflicting, unsettling sight for us gents. Deep down, we can be as modern and liberal as the next person.

We understand the importance of freedom of expression, of breaking gender cliches, of not conforming to social pressures, and of being comfortable in your own skin. Some men would no doubt say they find it disgusting. The focal point of the Hairy Legs Club is a tumblr account where women can post pictures and share their experiences and thoughts.

Looking through it, there are some stories that emphasise why this a potentially important issue.

The Only Body Hair Conversation Women Ever Need to Read

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Hairy Legs.

What happened to all the hairless legs, smoothed armpits, and ‘perfectly’ “I make it clear to the women I date that I love body hair. On me.

Home Recent Discussions Search. This guy does not like hair legs on a gal. This isn’t Europe. February 8, PM 0. I’ve seen 3 ladies today in skirts with hairy legs! One lady was light skinned and the hair was jet black and curled up I can’t imagine rubbing up against that at night! Or pits. Or upper lip. You’re not my Grandma. Shave it.


Before every middle school dance, I used to perform a whole now, seemingly ridiculous full body hair removal ritual. The redness was embarrassing in and of itself, but I knew I could cover it with some thick Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse foundation. Anything was better than people knowing I had hair above my lip. I understood that body hair was bad, and getting rid of it—no matter how painful and annoying—was absolutely necessary. Still, as diligent as I was with my hair removal, I felt like there was always stubble showing somewhere on my body.

date: 01/31/20; time: PM – PM; location: School of H&K Dance 10 Hairy Legs is an all-male repertory dance company performing.

We have a lot of shared interests and generally get on like pals. He constantly tells me how beautiful I am, and how amazing he thinks I am as a person. But here is the caveat:. He is repulsed by my leg hair. My boyfriend was not pleased about this. Yet he is still happy to accept oral sex from me…. So I know this could technically be exchanged for any other body part. It is such a widespread and visible practice that I think many men just automatically associate furry legs as manly, and assume that all girls magic themselves hairless without much effort.

I am at a loss for what to do.

‘I Gave Up All Hair Removal During Quarantine And I Don’t Think I’m Ever Going Back’

Now I had not given a lot of thought to dating Pete Harris I had not given a lot of thought to dating anyone. But in 6 th grade, the nuances of wanting to date someone and wanting someone else to not NOT want to date you can sometimes get a bit blurry in the hormonal smog. That afternoon, I went home and told my mom I wanted a razor. It was procured readily. Standing in the kitchen that evening, me in aquamarine polyester pjs and my mom all confident encouragement, she offered instructions for the task at hand.

Verbal instruction suited us both.

sexdating › nation › stopped-shaving-pubic-hair-legs-.

For the most part, we still do the whole dog and pony show to attract a potential mate and for guys, that usually involves the maintenance of facial and body hair. So we decided to help the dudes out by asking several something girls to tell us what they really think about eyebrow waxing , back hair, mustaches and more. Shave five seconds off your swim time?

Not a fan. It would seem like they are trying too hard and way too into their appearance. It takes away his manliness. Most baseball players do this, and we all know how they look. The verdict: Depends on the girl. Plus, it made me wonder how untamed he was… well, down there. But keep those trimmers handy boys. Beards freak me out. It has to be a well-manicured beard though: shaved neck, clean lines and trimmed short.

I think my guy is sexiest with a little scruff, usually about five to seven days after he shaves.

I’m a Single Woman Who Stopped Shaving More Than a Year Ago. It’s Been Amazing.

Get all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox. By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo’s Terms and Privacy Policy. A student who stopped shaving her legs four months ago has been trolled after sharing a video of her hairy legs online. Ana Calatayud Perez-Manglano, 24, quit removing her body hair in November last year for the simple reason that she no longer wanted to, and said she will only start again when she feels like it.

I’m 25 and have been dating a man who is 34 for the last years. men are going to find smooth legs attractive than men who will find hairy legs attractive.

I used to worry about my body hair and what people thought of it — until I started going out with girls. My adolescence marked the beginning of a painful struggle with body hair. Before puberty, I lived in a happy, carefree world where my only worry was how to properly untangle the long, curly hair on my head. Then there came the hair on my legs, under my arms, and on my genitals, plus all the troubles that went along with it.

First of all, I had to learn how to make it disappear. Choose a method: Is the epilator really worse than waxing? Does your hair really grow back thicker if you use a razor? I was very anxious and full of questions. Did I have to remove the hair on my thighs as well? Even more complicated: How should I remove the hair on my genitals? I had to find a balance that was neither too “neglected” nor too “slutty” — in the words of my group of friends back then — and we all know that the line between these two is thin.

This took up a lot of my time and mental energy. I tried everything.

What do men think about women with hairy legs?

Hair hair hooray. Are you sick of having to shave your legs all the time and long for winter, when you can cover up? A group of very sassy ladies have embraced a new Instagram trend and joined the hairylegclub. It comes after fashion blogger Leandra Cohen posted a picture of her shoes to her , followers and was applauded for it. Mocking people who criticised Leandra, another added: “It’s just leg hair get other yourselves. Look at the shoes and ankle bling.

Is it weird when guys shave their legs? Olivia: “Yes. I used to date a guy that did this, but it’s because he was a ‘triathlete.’ Bro, shaving the hair is going to what?

As a member of the human species, an animal and mammal, I sprout hair. It grows all over my body; most notably on my scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, legs, and pubic area. The most pervasive representations of women I see in my society come in the form of advertisements. Nearly everywhere I look, where the female is represented, I see a sexualized, artificially manipulated and hairless version of myself. A woman like me — decorated, modified and sexualized — for the purpose of selling us the latest products, services, ideas and consumables out there.

Sex sells, hair is not sexy, and apparently exclusively permitted on our heads and male counterparts. Which gets me thinking; why have we decided to collectively deny the existence of female body hair? I would certainly like to think that the world of porn, and everyday life, are somehow intrinsically opposites. Similarly to how body hair in porn has been marginalized to exclusively vintage or fetish collections; real world women who forgo hair removal risk being labeled, categorized, dismissed, ridiculed or put down.

Wake up and fix yourself — remove your body hair before you go outside — or else suffer the consequences. On the whole, my impression is that men can wake up, splash some water on their faces and go out and face the day.

What Men Really Think Of The Hair On Your Arms, Legs, Face & More

Maybe the answer, like many cultural answers, is in history — body hair removal can be traced back for centuries. Wealthier women would find different ways to remove their body hair, including using pumice stones. The first relatively safe shaving instrument was created in by French barber Jean-Jacques Perret.

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For most women, shaving body hair is just part of the normal beauty routine. Well, I disrupted my normal beauty routine of shaving my legs twice a week and put my razor down for a month to see how it would affect my sex life, my professional life, and my personal life. Being an Italian woman, I know what it means to have body hair.

My hair grows in everywhere , it grows in thick , and it grows in dark. Right at the start of 7th grade, my mom bought me my first razor and taught me how to shave my legs, something I would keep up on about twice a week. The only exception was during the winter time when I would shave only a couple times a month. Hence the month-long experiment to see how it would feel to stop shaving my legs for one month during the summer—and how the people around me felt about it too.

I saved a ton of time. First and foremost, my mornings became so much more efficient! You never realized how much time you spend shaving your legs in the shower until you stop doing it.


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